Purposes of Processing Personal Information

The ‘Incheon Airport Travel Photograph Contest’ collects and uses your personal information in order to confirm users.
The specific purposes for collecting and using the information according to collection method are as follows: Collecting personal information for confirming the applicants of the completion and processing the award results

The Items of Personal Information to be Processed

For the services of the ‘Incheon Airport Travel Photograph Contest’, the following kind of personal information within the minimal scope shall be collected.

- Name, Birthdate, Address, Contact, E-mail, Title of Photography, Description of Photography , The Work of Photography

The Period for Using and Maintaining the Personal Information

The ‘Incheon Airport Travel Photograph Contest’ shall destroy immediately the personal information after achieving the purposes to collect and use them.
However, in case of the winners, their personal information shall be maintained during the terms of copyright, in order to manage it.

- All of them shall be immediately destroyed after screening the submitted works and announcing the winners.

The Contents about Assignment of Processing Personal Information

The ‘Incheon Airport Travel Photograph Contest’ assigns the services for processing the data to an outsourcing company for providing the services.

– The Contents Assigned to the Outsourcing Company : Promotion, Building DB for the participants, developing and maintaining the homepage

Incheon Airport shall observe the related laws and regulations with regard to personal information protection, prohibit to offer the information to third parties, and define clearly responsibilities in case of violating them, assignment period, return or destruction of the information after ending to use them, and keep the contract in document or in electronic form. If the assigned contents of work are changed, more than one method among the notice in the homepage, telephone, SMS and similar methods shall be used for notification.

The right to refuse and disadvantage in case of refusing to agree

It is available to refuse to agree with the contents about collecting, using, offering, and assigning personal information as above.
However, if you refuse to agree with them, there may be disadvantages during the competition.

  • The copyright of submitted works belongs to the applicants(creators) even after winning an award in the competition.
  • While the rights of submitted works belong to the applicants in principle, the rights of an award-winning photograph can be transferred to the Incheon Airport through a legal transfer agreement.
  • Incheon Airport can change all or part of the award-winning photograph and may freely use it for marketing purposes.
  • Award-winning photographs may be used for calendars, promotional materials, exhibitions (photo exhibition scheduled to be held in 2022.September), social media, and internet services by the Incheon Airport on a non-profit basis. Incheon Airport reserves the rights to use them for such purposes and any applicant who does not agree with the terms and conditions of legal transfer agreement will be excluded from the contest.
  • Incheon Airport only have rights for the submitted works which are selected for an award.

  • A maximum of 3 works per person are allowed to be submitted.
    - However, Only one work can be awarded per person.
  • The works that does not meet the regulations or the specifications of the contest will be excluded from the list of awards.
  • The submitted photographs must be an original work, which has never been submitted to any other competitions, events, and products domestically and internationally. The works suspected of plagiarism, theft, or copied ones will be excluded from the contest.
  • All the amendment and additional information regarding the completion will be notified on the home page.

  • - Whether the submitted photography was presented in the other competition or media or in screening process by other event?
    ※ If the submitted works are presented or in screening by other events before completing this competition, the winning works shall be cancelled and the reward shall be recollected.
  • - Is your submitted photography the result of identity theft or copied one from other artists ?
    ※ If the submitted works are revealed as the plagiarism or identity theft after announcing the winning list, the winning works shall be cancelled and the reward shall also be recollected.